About the website

This website is a voluntary effort(development, hosting and maintenance) by me Harsha Vardhan Chandra. Our website is online since year 2015 but in year 2018 it underwent a major change to align it better with the purpose of its existence. Thanks to Kaushik Gandhi for developing the first version of our website in year 2015.

Contents are contributed by various people and primarily by the member of GBS group. Below any published content, e.g. article, painting, drawing, photograph, or handicraft(in which case the name of the creator) name of the contributor is mentioned. We also maintain a contributor’s profile list(a brief intro and if available a link to another social profile). This is not a exhaustive list but it attempts to be complete, provided the profile details(photo, link to work etc.) are shared by the content contributors.

This website is an attempt to address some of the agendas which inherently exist for any typical Indian community and likewise ours too. They were either not getting attention or were lacking enough focus.

Some of the “what to expect from this website” points are:

  1. Online magazine, which showcases various literary and artistic talents from our own community. There are two online magazines, one which is published every year and another which is live in nature and posts keep coming.
  2. Matrimony page, shared by members.
  3. Job listings, shared by members.
  4. Photo Gallery of events happening around the year.
  5. Photo Gallery showcasing the talents which can be captured in images(e.g. Paintings, Drawings, Handicrafts).
  6. Talent chart – demonstrating people, skills and link to pages which demonstrate their work.
  7. Events calendar which lists all past and upcoming events/important days.
  8. Projects- Voluntary and social reformation projects driven by members of the community.