Online Community

In the aspiration of connecting and finding near and distant relatives of Gandhabanik community, we started an online forum on Facebook (popularly known and addressed as GBS, among the members of the group) in year 2012. It was small yet very crucial step. A nice write-up about the initiative was published in the first edition of our online magazine, Gandhabanik Bani, Edition 1, year 2015. It can be found on page 66, article “From the pages of History – একসূত্রে বাঁধিয়াছি সহস্র জীবন“.

Online group:

 [28,500+] membersGandha Banik Samaj

Other than above group we have many groups running in parallel to cater various agendas for the community. e.g. Matrimony, Editorial, Business discussion forum, History group, Family tree, Gandheshwari Devi page etc. To know more please join the above group and discuss with active members or group admins. You may also drop a message using contact form. You need to answer the questionnaire to join the group. They shall appear to you, once you attempt to join the group.

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